What are your VFO’s?

VFO’s are your Vital Few Objectives – a focused handful of big goals that will dramatically move your organization towards its future vision. When everyone in your organization pulls together and focuses like a laser beam on the VFO’s, you get to results faster.  Much faster.

What are your VFO’s? Does everyone in your company understand them? Do employees understand how they fit into acheiving VFO’s? Is everyone pulling in the same direction?

Here are sample VFO’s from our clients:

  • Financial VFO: Grow Top Line Revenue with Target of 30% Year on Year Growth
  • Customer VFO: Maintain and Grow Customer Satisfaction by Achieving a Rolling Customer Satisfaction Average of 4.75
  • Operational VFO: Accelerate Growth of Eastern Region to Produce 10% of Total Company Revenue by End of FY 2014
  • People: Implement a Strategic Talent Development Process with a Minimum of 95% of Employees Having Individual Development Plans