VFO Breakthrough™

Imagine it’s 3 years from now. What would make you feel great about the progress your organization has made?

Wouldn’t it be good to know – without a doubt – that your teams could deliver on that game changing vision while running the day to day business?  And, do both amazingly well in spite of the challenges that are bound to happen.

VFO Breakthrough

A guided, repeatable process that follows four phases for getting to VFO results:

Phase 1VFO Strategy Builder to achieve alignment, focus and consensus within the leadership team on VFO’s – with measures and multi-year targets – and initiatives to achieve them

Phase 2VFO Plan Builder to engage team members in creating detailed initiative plans with target dates and clear accountabilities and check the feasibility of the aggregate strategy

Phase 3VFO Message Builder to equip leaders with crisp messages that create ongoing organization-wide clarity and buy-in to the VFO Plan

Phase 4VFO Implementor to keep leaders and team members focused on executing their parts of the Plan, catch issues early, and stay on track with Plan Momentum Reviews


Here are just some of the unique elements of VFO Breakthrough our clients experience:

  • Building detailed plans, then aggregating them as a reality check before committing
  • Agreeing on off-strategy activities to stop because they will sap resources from strategic priorities
  • Identifying processes and systems misaligned with the strategy and correcting them before they create drag
  • Practicing productive paranoia by conducting a pre-mortem to minimize risk
  • Catching issues early and keeping plans on track with Plan Momentum Reviews
  • Developing a year-long plan of clear, crisp messages, delivered by leadership, that get and keep the whole organization engaged and focused on VFOs

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VFO Breakthrough creates organizations that aren’t afraid to think big, are willing to stretch, work together, and get results faster vs. getting in each others’ way.