Why Strategies Fail

IT’S A FACT: 90% of strategic plans lose steam and begin to derail during execution.  Here’s why according to executives we talk with. If your experience is similar, we can help.

  • “We always take on more than we can realistically do and set ourselves up for failure out of the gate without realizing it.”
  • “We agree on our strategic game changers, but then we get distracted by the tyranny of the urgent.”
  • “We have too many people and projects in motion with no framework to manage them.”
  • “Some of our legacy processes and systems create drag and keep us from moving the needle.”
  • “We’ve got good people, but they spin their wheels on things that in the big picture aren’t that important.”
  • “We haven’t held people’s feet to the fire. Because we haven’t held people accountable, they don’t follow through on commitments.”
  • “Teams don’t work together on initiatives. Instead of pulling together, they get in each other’s way.”
  • “As an executive, I’m one of the biggest culprits. I pile new initiatives on people’s plate throughout the year, not considering the impact on the game changers.”
  • “We feel like the business is controlling us vs. us controlling the business.”