Customer Testimonials

Pareto works in partnership with organization’s leadership team to define and describe expected measurable results. Direct and collaborative support provided throughout engagement to achieve goals. Highly recommend Pareto to any organization looking to be best in class.”
– COO, Seven-hospital Healthcare System

We got our strategy, projects, and people aligned. Now we manage by the plan and our monthly updates keep things on track. We focus on the important vs. urgent and aren’t as distracted. And, by focusing on what’s important, we get rid of a lot of the fire drills. It helps me be more focused on what’s right for the organization and I have better conversations with team members.”
– SVP, Specialty Division of Retail Pharmacy Corporation

Our team is now highly involved in developing strategy and plans – everyone understands they are the executors. They now have a rhythm of accountability and reporting that’s resulted in much better execution.” 
– SVP, Third Party Logistics Company

Dramatic changes. Pareto got us focused on the core objectives we needed to accomplish. We have stripped away distractions, and moved people to roles that better suit them and the organization. Our board is astonished by the changes we’ve made happen in just one year. A big culture change to greater accountability.”
– Executive Director, Arts Organization

Pareto’s discussion facilitation gets things done, keeps us on track, and prevents us from getting side-tracked. Quarterly plan momentum reviews drive accountability and keep people on their toes. Without those reviews, the plan would not be executed as thoroughly.” 
– CEO, Professional Services Company/Technology


Assessing our internal systems opened our eyes to what created the drag on the team and their plan execution. We are now redesigning some key processes.”
– CEO, Managed Services Company/Technology

The software Pareto provides is great for planning and reporting. Knowing that we have to provide quarterly updates keeps us prepared and on task. We haven’t dropped off like we have in the past. Having someone from the outside helps a lot. We’re also learning to be more practical about how much we can realistically bite off.”
– Strategy Team, Manufacturing Company

One of the missing pieces in forming a long-range plan is EXECUTION-MANAGEMENT. This is what Fiore Londino and Pareto has provided to us. Our team has worked with Fiore and Pareto in this formal way for the past year – and it has really helped us a tremendous amount.

– President, Church Multiplication Network