Setting company goals is easy. Getting teams to execute isn’t.


We give organizations a focused, fast and reliable framework for strategic success.

We help organizations identify their Vital Few Objectives and replace low priority efforts with high-return activities.

What are your 3-year VFOs?

Coming up with lots of goals and ideas is easy. Focusing and executing on a vital few exceedingly well isn’t. We’ll show you how.


Connecting Teams with Strategy

Explaining a strategy to employees is easy. Getting their fully engaged buy-in isn’t. We’ll help you get shared clarity and enthusiastic action from your people.


VFO Breakthrough

Making progress for 2-3 months is easy. Converting early momentum into powerful, long-term follow through isn’t. We have the keys to real strategic progress.


Why choose Pareto to help drive your strategies?

  • Our proven 6-step discipline has helped over 200 client companies achieve their Vital Few Objectives in record time.
  • Results trump process. We drive for real, measurable results.
  • We keep you and your team honest to your Vital Few Objectives plan.
  • We help you build a culture of disciplined execution experts – eventually working us out of a job.

What our clients say…

“We got our strategy, projects, and people aligned. Now we manage by the plan and our monthly updates keep things on track. We focus on the important vs. urgent and aren’t as distracted. And, by focusing on what’s important, we get rid of a lot of the fire drills. It helps me be more focused on what’s right for the organization and I have better conversations with team members.”
SVP, Pharmacy Corporation

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Did you know 90% of strategic plans lose steam and derail during execution? Our strategic plan execution method gets teams from goals, to ideas, to results faster then anything else.
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